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2020 Korea Times Cup 

New York Korean Tennis Championships

Cancelled all of events due to COVID19 pandemic

NYKATA Tennis School

@ The USTA National Tennis CenterIndoor

Registration begins September 17th.

2019~2020 Programs
FRIDAYs 09/27/2019 to 05/15/2020
Program I .. Group Lesson (8:30~10 pm)
  • 30 weeks*1   Indoor courts
  • No classes on  11/29, 12/20, 12/27, 4/10
  • $700 for 15 Weeks / $1,260 for 30 weeks
  • Family discount available (see details) 
  • 6 classes by evaluation Beginner thru Advanced
  • Group Lesson, Free trial available
  • 신청 문의: 최연숙 총무 646-732-7010,
  • visit.. facebook
  • To register, fill out the form below and send to nykata.org@gmail.com.application form click here-> https://drive.google.com/open…
Program II ..Double Game(9:30~11:30 pm)
  • 30 weeks*1  Indoor court… 2 hrs
  •  No classes on  11/29, 12/20, 12/27, 4/10
  •  $730 + Registration Fee
  •  Only for Advanced players (NTRP 3.5 +) 
  • Serious Double Game + Clinic  
  • Tournament in every month  
  • 문의: 김기용 사무총장 917-747-35Ω
NYKATA’s 40th Annual Dinner Party

will be held on Feb. 9th, 2020, Sunday. 6pm

at the Daedong Manor (대동연회장)

150-24 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354

contact: Jackie 917-886-7788

Including (1) Scholarship Award Ceremony,

(2) Tennis Awards of the Year Ceremony etc.

새해맞이 청소년 무료레슨^^.

  • Free Lesson 1/3 & 1/10/2020
  • 초보- 어린이들을 환영합니다.
  • 문의 최연숙 총무 646-732-7010,

 2020 January special event

Free Lesson for Juniors

Any beginner levels over 7 years old

At the USTA National Tennis Center, Indoor Training Center

From Jan. 3rd & Jan 10th (Fridays 8:30~10 pm)

  • Wear shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes.
  •  If you do not have a Racquet, Just come.
  • Contact Ms. Julie Choi @646-732-7010

한국일보배 테니스대회

대회의 효율적 등록과 진행을 위해 온라인으로만 등록을 받습니다.

등록 바로하기 Registration–> 클릭 Click here

> 자원봉사 신청서 내려받기

Volunteer application form click-> (DOC, PDF)


Click! And Enjoy!
If you know any good website more, let us know. Email me to info@nykata.org


The Grand Slams
The Grand Slams are the four most prestigious competitions in tennis – the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. Here, you can find information on each of the four Grand Slams.

-> Australian Open: Melbourene, Australia  (January 17 ~ 30)
-> Roland Garros: Paris, France  (May 23 ~ June 5)
-> Wimbledon: Wimbledon, England  (June 20 ~ July 3)
-> US Open: Flushing, New York, U.S.A.  (Aug. 29 ~ Sep. 11)


Tennis Associations
-> KTA대한테니스협회
-> KTAinUSA재미대한테니스협회
-> NYKATA: 뉴욕한인테니스협회
-> NJKTA: 뉴저지한인테니스협회
-> USTA: United States Tennis Association


Korean Clubs in NY Area
-> KTC: Korean Tennis Club
-> Pin Point Tennis Club
-> Tennis Mania Club


Worldwide Tennis Organizations
-> ITF: International Tennis Federation
-> ATP
-> WTA
-> Tennis Welcome Center
-> Tennis News & Business


NYC Tennis Information
-> Tennis NYC
-> Tennis Tip
-> The Metro Tennis Assoc.


Tennis Elbow? Racquet? More and more Resources
(from tennistip.com)

Wellness Information: www.Wellness.com
Online Resource for Health and Wellness.

Bob Larson Tennis News: http://www.tennisnews.com/index.php
Daily tennis news and updates
Racquet Research: http://www.racquetresearch.com/
This site is for the best available objective data on racquet performance and prevention of tennis elbow.

Tennis One: http://www.tennisone.com/
Online Video Tennis Lessons and Instruction

Tennis Express: http://www.tennisexpress.com/
Racquets and supplies for the tennis player

The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic: http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist/bysport/tennis.htm
FREE Virtual Diagnosis and Sports Injury information on over 100 sports injuries, includes Massage and Strapping guides.