Notes from USTA National Tennis Center

Notes from USTA National Tennis Center

Important Note: COVID-19

The USTA National Tennis Center is currently closed.

Dear NTC Tennis Programs Patron,

With the unprecedented circumstances related to the spread of the Coronavirus and for the safety and health of our patrons and staff, the NTC will be canceling the remaining weeks of the Winter Program session.

Please be advised that although the USTA National Tennis Center Program operations are currently closed, our administrative staff are working remotely and are here to address any of your concerns.  

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and would like to thank you for your continued patronage of the USTA National Tennis Center and looking forward to you returning in the near future. 

We understand that this pandemic has affected everyone in some way and that your health and safety takes top priority. We will continue to share updates and stay connected through our email. More than anything, please stay safe and healthy.

USTA National Tennis Center.

USTA Suspends Events

Player Activities:As you look forward to getting back to NTC’s programs, we would like to suggest some additional ideas of activities that can be be done at home. 
We hope that you find these helpful and we’ll be in touch again soon with more information about at-home activities and our Spring & Summer Programs!
ALL LEVELS AND AGES (by Coaches Cathie, Leo, and Justyna)

  1. Rules: Clarifying Common Issues:
  2. Five ways to improve your tennis at home: 
  3. Tennis Movement Tip: Beat The Ball To The Bounce: 
  4. 4 Speed Ladder Exercises That Will Improve Your Footwork: 


  1. Make a net: 
  2. How to practice tennis at home: 
  3. Double volley:


  1. USTA Player Development Learning Series Webinar(s): 
  2. Using visualization to improve your game Podcast: 

ADULT & SENIOR PLAYERS (by Coach Cathie)

  1. Chair exercise: 
  2. Improve balance: 
  3. Exercise videos for seniors: 

Special Parent InformationPlayer & Parent Packet– this document is targeted for all players and parents who are not in the High-Performance Pathway (FTF Plus, Feeder, Elite).
Facilitating Communication between Parents and Coaches – update: 11/18/19

Tournament 101
Types of Sanctioned Events
New 10U Pathway

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