USPTA.. Junior Circuit

The USPTA Junior Circuit™ is a series of tournaments created to introduce less experienced junior players to competition and allow them to prepare for higher-level tournament play. The junior circuit is also a natural progression from 10 and Under Tennis to non-qualified competition for junior boys and girls ages 10 to 18. This program enhances tournament experience and prepares the player for more advanced competition at USTA-sanctioned tournaments, if that is the player’s goal. Key elements for a USPTA Junior Circuit include:

  • A series of tournaments encouraging regular competition for juniors.
  • Tournaments targeting novice/non-qualified competitors or recreational players (pros determine age and level categories).
  • Local events in one city or within a metropolitan area, making it convenient for players, parents and pros.
  • A point system that rewards players immediately.
  • A “masters” and playoff system.
  • Low-cost fun for the family.

Like all USPTA programs, this activity is designed to give ultimate control of how the program is run to local teaching professionals, who know what will work best in a particular location or for a distinct group of customers. In addition to promoting and increasing local tennis activity, the program allows flexibility by placing no requirements or restrictions on tennis teachers or on the beginner competitors.

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